Imani Wellness AZ Website Design and Development

Joanne & Zac Rop of Imani Wellness AZ reached out to Rockpoint Media in desperate need of an online presence. Like many clients I work with, they come to me with an existing website that was either never finished or the web designer that started in vanished never to be found. We decided to scrap what they currently had and start fresh. Now Imani Wellness AZ not only has an amazing looking website that can be found in search engines, it’s creating business & helping people in need.

Imani Wellness provides IOP services to clients who struggle with mental health and substance abuse disorders. When receiving services at Imani, clients receive the highest quality of care and treatment to provide them the tools for a healthy and better outlook on life. Imani takes pride in the work they perform. Patient care is number one for Imani, we will go above and beyond to make sure all clients’ needs are met. Imani takes pride to meet the cultural needs of the clients, so we incorporate the clients’ individual cultural background in their treatment.

At Imani wellness their mission is to provide individuals who are in need of therapeutic services with the highest quality of care that they need. They provide services that handle mental health and substance abuse issues and provide them the tools they need to live a better life.

Imani vision is to provide individuals who step through our doors an opportunity on a new lease on life.

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