Taddy Accounting Website Design and Development

Josh Taddy Founder & CEO of Teddy Accounting LLC reached out to Rockpoint Media and already had an existing website with SquareSpace. The site lacked SEO and was plain. Not to say that Accounting is exciting but a good looking website doesn’t hurt. I explained that a Square Space may offer the ability for the typical consumer to manage but 3rd party websites like Square Space, Wix Etc are proprietary which means you are locked into using them for all of your website needs. Rockpoint Media builds their clients websites with WordPress which is not only open source but the website can be picked up and moved virtually anywhere on any hosting server. WordPress also offer many more tools called plugin that allow a website to grow with the needs of the business owner.

Teddy Accounting LLC’s mission is to be your go-to resource for tax prep & planning, financial education, and bookkeeping services. They am here to help & strive to provide outstanding customer service, to be there for you & answer your questions as they arise.

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