Southrock Engineering Inc. Website Design and Development

Peter Hall of Southrock Engineering Inc. in Mesa Arizona was introduced to Rockpoint by an existing client referral. At that time Southrock Engineering’s Existing website was out of date and did not represent the companies image very well. It lacked in information, was not mobile responsive and the imagery was of poor quality. Rockpoint Media fixed that & officially provided them with a beautiful online web presence and the ability to be found on Google.

Southrock Engineering Inc. produces both PCBs and cable assembly to IPC standards. IPC is a quality standard that is used by many industries covering documentation and record keeping along with electronic assembly and workmanship standards for PCBs, Wire and cable fabrication.

They are certified by UL & able to provide documentation and labels as required. UL certification covers both assembly standards, documentation and record keeping.

Their engineers have developed unique processes for each application, while their quality & production provide consistent workmanship & solid quality assurance. They manufacture with virtually all cable types and are a proud supporter of Made in America!

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