How to organize the flow of a website

Website Flowchart

In the Website Development industry one of the key components of designing a website is how it will flow e.g navigation structure. Some call it a sitemap & some call it a flowchart. The idea of using a flowchart helps to map out an organized structure of the pages that will exist on the website. You can think of it as the master plan of a website as it is literally a diagram that allows you too visualize where content will live.

Flowcharts are labeled boxes that are connected by lines that represent a visual layout of sections and pages. An example might be I want to build a website and I would like to have a home page, an about us page, a contact Us page and then a page that lists all of my services with a drop down in the website navigation for each service I offer. Of course the website will have a primary services page but for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) reasons I will create pages for each of my services so that I can elaborate on the details of that service.

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