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QR Codes – What the heck is a QR Code and how is it going to help my business? Glad that you asked… Let’s take a look at a restaurant example and how they used QR Codes.

Case Study: Two locations, Pub A in Queen Creek, Arizona & pub B in Gilbert, Arizona  The Queen Creek location was an early adopter of placing QR Codes on their outdoor patio tables in table tents to protect them. Customers would self seat and read the info on the table tent which instructs the customer that if they would prefer contactless ordering they could simply point their phones camera app at the QR Code and it would bring them to the Pubs menus where they could place an order and even pay fo it. In less than two months, the Queen Creek Pub had processed $55K more than the Gilbert location. This represents a substantial upswing in having to wait for the server to order. Contactless ordering as we would call it.

Now let’s apply this concept to any business. Placing the buying power at the literal hands of the consumer by presenting them with a QR Code at your business location. This QR Code when used with your QR Code scanner on your phone will bring them to any website destination you want. You could place a unique QR Code on individual items or it could just be 1 QR Code that brings them to a website where they can shop online. There are endless application this concept can be used for. Have an idea for a QR Code, need help putting one together that fits your business model? Feel free to reach out and I will help you get QR Codes up and running for your business.

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