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Dida’s Distillery Website Development

Dida’s Distillery set out to create the next generation of products from their wines through the art of distilling: 100% grape-based spirits. For nearly two decades Rappahannock Cellars has continued to celebrate one of Dida’s most dearly held passions: wine. With the extension of Dida’s Distillery to make spirits from those wines, they remain dedicated to their family’s passion for agriculture and crafting outstanding grape products

Dida’s Distillery was in need of a complete overhaul of their old website. They were in need of and information based website that also allowed for the ability for eCommerce to sell their distilled product line. Rockpoint Media designed and developed a new website for them in record time as it was amidst COVID19 and the distillery’s customers were looking for a way to buy their products without having to walk through the door. Dida’s was also amongst the select that quickly converted their production of alcohol to hand sanitizer to help out with medical facilities that were in dire need of it.

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