Websites Post COVID19 – The New Commerce

Websites Post COVID19 – The New Commerce

COVID-19 has affected our lives in more ways than possible. It has affected not only our lives but also businesses and commerce all over the world and the impact that it had on e-commerce is astonishing. Even the people that weren’t so inclined towards e-commerce and weren’t that dependent on the electronic media seem to have taken up online shopping. With the markets now reopening all over the world, there is still hesitation to go out into public and purchase goods.

How businesses are adapting during COVID-19
The businesses which in the past had no aspect of e-commerce are now changing their ways and are benefiting from the people’s addiction to social media. As of now they are not only marketing their products but are also selling those products through the electronic media which is the true definition of e-commerce. E-commerce for a variety of businesses is considered the only hope for the businesses during this pandemic for survival, due to which the average internet usage and presence of people online flared up during this pandemic. This situation led to better e-commerce options for the businesses as it was utilized at its maximum. Providing quality products for pick-up, curb-side and delivering them on time is a worthy challenge that businesses have to face in e-commerce and if they do a good job it will lead to better reviews by people, which results in the growth of the business. Businesses should be able to adapt themselves with the current changes and this pandemic is a clear example of what would happen if the businesses don’t push themselves to adapt to new ways. A fair majority of People already preferred online shopping as opposed to in-person shopping and businesses that are still trying to stick to 100% in-person shopping are going to face the downfall.

Supporting factors in the growth of e-commerce
With this pandemic and a lot of businesses being locked down, people have turned their attention towards the internet and online service for entertainment as well as for other purposes. This situation then leads to the countless advertisements leading to online businesses hence promoting e-commerce. Since people weren’t allowed to spend much time in public places, most of them considered it better to shop online even for the groceries. People are more inclined to buy a product when it is displayed on a websites with quality images as well as reviews as opposed to seeing the product in person. This fascination also leads people to purchase more products online.

Up-rise in the e-commerce
The up-rise is because it was the need of this time and the number of online shoppers doubled during this pandemic duration. Now the markets are opening up slowly, but somehow people are still inclined towards online shopping. It is expected that by the year 2030 two-third of the people will rely on online shopping as compared to the in-person shopping experience.

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