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SEO Process

The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to get your site ranked well in a search engine result. SEO is about getting more traffic to your site by improving your rank in free search results, or “organic search.” At its root, Organic SEO is about getting free long-term exposure for your business.

Effective SEO:
• Brings traffic to your website.
• Increases visibility of your business online.
• Allows your business long term exposure.
• Helps manage your company’s reputation online.
• Is a necessary step to marketing your business online.

First step of the Rockpoint Media SEO process is to determine key phrases. Once the key phrases have been determined, they are applied to a Google AdWords Campaign. This campaign consists of the specified key phrases along with small ads that will appear on the top right hand side of A Google Result page. Typically the first two weeks of the campaign are what we call the Qualifying Key Phrase Process. In Google AdWords there are statistical analysis tools that allow Rockpoint Media to determine what key phrases and ads worked best by comparing clicks to key phrase ads. This process helps us determine which key phrases people are more likely to click on.

Once the group of Qualifying Key Phrases has been determined, we inject these into the website content (i.e. text on the website, graphic naming, alt tags in the code, metadata in the code).

The second step is to hook the website up with Google analytics. Google analytics allows us to track the traffic and/or use of each page. It also shows us what key phrases are being used to get to the site. We use this data to refine what people are searching for when they get to the site. If needed, we adjust the key phrases again along with metadata, image naming and alt tags to match the results from what the analytics identified as hot key phrases.

The third step is to add a site map, which is an xml file that allows search engines to easily understand the structure and pages of the site. Once this sitemap has been submitted it is only a matter of time before search engines have the ability to understand the product or service on the site thus allowing them the ability to properly place the site in the proper result based on key phrases, content, metadata, alt tags and image naming. This process eventually becomes what is known as organic results. Organic results are simply the results that one would get by performing a search only results would now be directly underneath instead of on the right hand side where sponsored links appear.

Another way to track statistics is through the sites statistics application. This allows us to provide web statistics on campaigns and shows the amount of traffic to the site

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