Social Media for Business…

Tips for Successful Social Media Campaigns

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube should be looked at as extensions of your company and website.  A potential client or current client should be able to go to these mediums for current up to date information.  Since it is quick and easy to update these accounts they should be more updated and current than your website that is relatively static.

  1. Keep your social media accounts current.  There is nothing worse than old, stale news.  Your followers will be bored and not bother to check out your pages.
    1. Facebook should be updated a few times a week
    2. Twitter should be updated daily, or multiple times a day. 

Benefits: You stay relevant.  In a fast paced ever changing world it is important to keep up and show your clients that you are current and up to date as well.

  1. Use your physical location(s) to prompt people to check out your social media pages. 

Benefits: Increase your reach and inform people about your social media presence.

  1. Follow/”Like” companies or people that relate to your industry, are in your community or post things you find interesting.  The more people you like or follow the better chances they will follow or like you in return.

Benefits: Greater following, its like high school all over again, the more followers you have the better you look.

  1. Link your Facebook with your Twitter account.  This allows what you post on Facebook to automatically be tweeted.  This includes pictures/videos added and status updates.  A link to your Facebook page will be included in the tweet

Benefits: Increase your reach.  Twitter followers are promoted to check out your Facebook page and if they don’t already “Like” you on Facebook they have to opportunity to

  1. Include a “Like” button on your webpage. This encourages website viewers to go to your Facebook page and to “Like” it all from the website

Benefits: Greater social reach and interest in your page.

  1. Post interesting articles/pictures/forums or original content

Benefits: You appear interesting, up to date, and makes people what to follow your posts to see what you have to say next.  If you fin something interesting, good chances are so will others. If you have original content it shows that you have more to offer and are a good source for that topic.

  1. Not everything you post has to relate to your industry/ company. If you find it interesting and appropriate, post it.

Benefits: Shows you are interested in more things than just your business, helps people relate to you and your company.  If you’re in a ski region, make a post about the awesome ski conditions that day. 

  1. Trying linking interesting articles to what you do. 
    1. If you’re an orthopedic center post an article about a sports star who was injured

Benefits: This shows your followers how things they are interested in can relate back to your company.  Furthermore, if someone is not following you if they are searching for the topic you posted about they might check out how your company is related and in turn follow you.

  1. Be personal.  Post picture and updates about your company.  Let your followers and hopefully clients know what’s going on. 

Benefits: In a world were everyone is sharing their personal lives people are expecting companies to do the same.  I’m not saying post personal information, but if something interesting happens like an employee brings dogs into the office or there is an office holiday party, post a picture or make a comment.  It allows followers to feel like they can relate to you on a personal level.

  1. Post things you receive from clients (thank you notes, a good review ect.)

Benefits: This shows your followers that your clients think your doing an exceptional job.  This proves to others that your company is above and beyond the rest.

  1. Post things going on in your community
    1. Charity events, sports teams, especially events you sponsor or attend

Benefits: There has been an increased emphasis on the importance on the community and companies that do more than “business as usual” are held in a higher regard.  So this allows you to show your involvement and attract people to your site that are involved in similar things.

  1. Don’t be afraid to use # (hashtags), retweet and tweet at other people and companies,

Benefits: Increase your reach.  Hashtags allow people on twitter to look for tweets containing the particular hashtag so someone might follow you because of their twitter search.   The companies or people that you tweet at or retweet will see this, and if they like you and what you have to say might retweet you (exposing your twitter to their followers) or decide to follow you.

  1. If you have a strong following you can utilize Facebook and Twitter to poll your followers.
    1. You can find out things they like/dislike
    2. What they did over the weekend, how they will celebrate an upcoming holiday

Benefits: This is an easy way to learn about the people who “Like” you on Facebook or follow you on twitter.  Facebook does all the hard work for you all you need to do is come up with the question and hope people answer you

A social media campaign, like any other advertising campaign is never guaranteed to work.  Fortunately with the internet and social media you can try different things see what works and what doesn’t for little monetary cost.   

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